Baylink Shuttle trial – Community Update 17 April 2018 The 3-month trial of the…

Baylink Shuttle trial – Community Update 17 April 2018

The 3-month trial of the Baylink Shuttle is now in week 12, with the service expected to carry more than 150,000 passengers by the time the trial concludes on Friday 27 April.

Service update and community feedback

ANZAC DAY: Please note the Baylink Shuttle trial will NOT operate on ANZAC Day (25 April).

A service review has recently been conducted following community feedback about inconsistencies in the 10 minute frequency of service during peak times. This has now been brought to the attention of the Shuttle operator to rectify.

Extension of Trial until 31 May – and ongoing operation
The Baylink Shuttle trial has been funded by Billbergia to allow the City of Parramatta Council to assess whether it will support Billbergia’s proposal to provide the residents of Wentworth Point with the Shuttle service on a long-term basis.

The Baylink Shuttle was originally agreed with the then Auburn Council in 2015 as part of a larger proposal for the last stage of Billbergia’s waterfront development on Burroway Road at Wentworth Point. However, before that agreement could be formalised, responsibility transferred in 2016 to the City of Parramatta who have been unsure of whether to support the Shuttle proposal – hence the 2018 trial to allow community demand to be assessed.

With a decision on Billbergia’s plans and the long-term operation of the Baylink Shuttle service still under consideration by City of Parramatta Council, Billgergia has agreed to extend the trial until 31 May 2018 to allow additional time for Council to consider supporting the service.

The future of the Baylink Shuttle service is subject to a decision by City of Parramatta in the next few weeks and your feedback is important – you can help.

You can provide your thoughts and comments about the Shuttle service to City of Parramatta Council via email: and

Or via mail to
City of Parramatta
PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124

You can also contact us via email or by phone 1800 WWP BUS with any queries and for more information about Billbergia’s plans.

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