Baylink Shuttle Update The Baylink Shuttle trial continues to receive great com…

Baylink Shuttle Update

The Baylink Shuttle trial continues to receive great community support, with more than 35,000 passenger trips in the first 3 weeks of service.

In response to some of the comments we’ve received, a number of changes to the current service have now been implemented and include:

* *An extended service to Rhodes Waterside shopping centre every 20 minutes during non–peak periods. Ask the driver, or check the Bennelong Bridge website ( for details.

* A minor change to the route on the Rhodes side of the bridge to improve on-time running. This requires the relocation of the stop on Gauthorpe Street to Shoreline Drive.

* Changes to Stop 1 on Baywater Drive – Stop 1 has moved approx 70-100 metres west on Baywater Drive (to near the corner of Monza Boulevard). Please note, this an ‘in-lane’ bus stop, similar to Stop 2 at the Pulse Function Centre on Stromboli Strait.

*On-demand passenger drop-off stop southbound on Hill Road.

Your feedback is needed!

Billbergia’s long term plans for the Baylink Shuttle include an additional 2 buses (4 in total) as part of a proposal for the last stage of Billbergia’s waterfront development on Burroway Road.

Delivery of the service will depend on Council’s approval of Billbergia’s plans and an assessment on how the service can assist in reducing private vehicle use and encourage greater use of public transport.

Your feedback is needed to help keep the Baylink Shuttle running as a permanent service.
We encourage you to provide your feedback about the trial and your thoughts about the long term operation of Baylink Shuttle trial to City of Parramatta Council before 9 March 2018.

You can send feedback via email to and

Or via mail to
City of Parramatta
PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124

You can also contact us via email or by phone 1800 WWP BUS with any queries and for more information about Billbergia’s plans.


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