Friday Night BBQ

Meet Your Neighbours

The Barbecue is Back!!

After being closed for most of this year, the barbecue will return on Friday, 16 October.  However, to keep everyone safe and conform to government regulations, we have to unfortunately impose limits and rules, at least for the time being.  We hope you understand.  

To this end, we have written a Covid-19 Safety Plan, currently in draft form as the situation and current regulations may change at any time.  Click here to read the plan.  

Regulations stipulate that we must limit the number of guests.  Please email Alison Ross-Smith to advise you would like to attend and how many people from your household will accompany you.  Alison will confirm your attendance. Once the maximum allowable number is reached, we will only be able to offer takeaway to unconfirmed guests. Please arrive at 6.30pm or your spot will go to someone else.  

Rules will be clearly visible at the site, but please click here to read beforehand.  

Please be aware that we have had to put our prices up, undesirable but unfortunately necessary.

.  Steak on a roll - now $6
.  Sausage or Rissole on a roll - now $5  

The barbecue is a popular event, allowing neighbours to get together in a friendly, casual atmosphere and for newbies to get to know us.  It helps keep the community spirit up and raises money for local causes.  We ask for everyone's cooperation and understanding with the new rules.  We want everyone to stay safe and for the barbecue to continue.   

Join us at the Friday Night Community BBQ under the sails in The Piazza. Everyone is welcome - young and old, short and tall!

The BBQ is held every Friday night, except a few weeks over Xmas / New Year and Good Friday. It kicks off at 6.30pm and runs through until 8.30pm.

BBQ food is generally hot dogs or sausages, rissoles and minute steak in a bun with optional onions, sauce and cheese.   Sausages are $4, rissoles and hot dogs are $5, minute steaks $6.  Soft drinks and water are provided free of charge.   Plastic drinking ware is provided.   Please bring your own alcohol.

Funds raised from the BBQ go to support our community events programs, like Music in The Piazza.

The Kayak Club hosts the BBQ on behalf of Wentworth Point Community Central. Volunteers assist with the event, by cooking, collecting money or helping with set up / clearing up. Johnno is always on the lookout for helpers. If you'd like to help, please click here to email Johnno.

The BBQ has been running for almost 10 years. The purpose is for people to relax at the end of the week and catch up with their neighbours. Many friendships have been forged at the BBQ, and even romance has been known to happen!

Everyone is welcome to attend. If you don't know anyone at Wentworth Point, this is one way to meet people. There are a regular crowd who attend most Fridays, but there are always new faces coming along and the regulars are on the lookout for newbies to introduce around. If you're new, please let someone behind the serving table know, and they'll make sure you meet some people.

A particularly good way to meet people is to volunteer to help out at the BBQ. That way, you'll be talking to people all night!

After the BBQ, some people follow on to the local restaurants / bars for a drink.