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Message received from Patricia Prociv, one of our local councillors in response to last night’s email newsletter.


Today I spoke to a senior council officer who advised the following:

“Please direct your constituents to In the interim, Council officers will photograph and track the level of abandoned trolleys, and follow-up with the relevant operators. Operators have an obligation under their DA consent to pick-up trolleys. Operators can be issued an infringement for non-compliance with this DA condition.”
I will continue to follow this through Facebook and feeback from you and council officers.

I can be contacted on 0412984176 or via email
Include detailed information and I will lodge a service request on your behalf, which I can do for any number of concerns/complaints.”

I have also been in contact with Councillors from Canada Bay Council regarding this issue.

Best Wishes,

Patricia Prociv

Dr Patricia Prociv
Councillor | Rosehill Ward | City of Parramatta
0412 984 176

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