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What is it?

Wentworth Point Community Central is formally incorporated body. We operate as a not for profit, community organisation. Click here to see the constitution.

The purpose of Wentworth Point Community Central (WPCC) is to provide the hub for connecting the Wentworth Point community. This covers things like:

  • Social events
  • Special interest groups and activities
  • Advocacy for better services for our suburb
  • Fostering community consultation with respect to developments in our suburb
  • Dissemination of information that is of interest to our community.

The purpose of the website is to provide a single place to access information and news about Wentworth Point. Instead of searching for what's on through Google and a variety of websites, you can come to www.wentworthpointcommunity.org and have all information at your fingertips.

  • See the latest community and group news on the home page - make this YOUR home page and always keep up to date as things are changing most days!
  • Visit the community calendar to plan your social agenda!
  • Check out the special offers from our local businesses in the classifieds.
  • Find out more about the special interest groups that operate here.
  • Post your own classifieds to transform your unwanted items into someone's treasure!

WPCC is here to benefit all in our community. From an operational perspective, we have a small group of people who are members of the core committee. They work with more people to make events and activities happen and to coordinate community responses.

Photo by Stephanie Patchell

The Committee

WPCC was initiated in September 2010 and kicked off with the Spring Festival and first birthday celebrations in October 2010. In November 2010, the group was incorporated and the first official committee meeting was held. At this meeting, the following people were confirmed on the committee:

  • President: Bronwyn Evans (from Cannes)
  • Vice President: Ron Hancock (from Mariners Cove)
  • Treasurer: Lou Casmiri (from Monte Carlo)
  • Secretary: Marisa Van Schalkwyk (from Palermo)
  • Members:
    • Marissa Clark (representing retailers)
    • Nicole Garrahy (from Torino)
    • John Spooner (from Monte Carlo).

Ideally, the committee will consist of about ten people. This gives a range of opinions and expertise, but is small enough to be functional. If you are interested in participating on the committee, please use the volunteers page to indicate your interest. You might be interested in helping as a volunteer for special events, or to assist a sub-committee too - let us know and we'll gratefully make use of your skills and enthusiasm!

The committee is responsible for setting the strategy and annual plan for WPCC. However, the committee itself doesn't do all the work! This is shared out amongst various other people. Generally, sub-committees are set up on an as required basis. Examples are the Transport group and the S94 / St Tropez advocacy sub-commmittee. Also, many of the social activities are coordinated by those not on the committee.


There are two types of events that operate under the WPCC banner:

Community Events

The first are community events. These are planned by the Committee. Other volunteers assist with the organising of these events. Community events typically have a broad audience and are open to all to attend. Our intent is to provide free or subsidised events where possible, but this is dependent on sponsorship.

Group Events

There are also numerous special interest groups that are active at Wentworth Point. The WPCC website provides a way for you to find out about these groups. If they all had their own website, you'd have to go searching for them and keep swapping between them! The single website is a portal for you to access all of these groups. Each group is respnsible for organising its own events. The website provides the means to tell you about the events. Many group events are open to all, but some are restricted to members. These events may be free or there may be a fee - this is up to the specific group. Group organisers may also operate at a profit. You should contact the relevant group for more information.

All events are listed in the WPCC community calendar. In the case of community events, these are maintained by the committee. Each group maintains its own events. So, if a group event is missing - please contact the group directly, via the enquiry form on the group's page.

Photo by Mel Alderton

Community Information

There are several other bodies around the Wentworth Point area that have information that can be relevant to us. However, most of us don't check their websites on a regular basis. So much inforrmation is electronic these days and it's the best way to get access to information fast.

We have contacted organisations such as Auburn City Council and Sydney Olympic Park Authority and are on their community distribution lists. When they send us information, we get it up as a community news item as quickly as possible. These will then come out to you through the weekly newsletter (if you've subscribed). You can get the latest information by making the website your home page, then you'll see the latest information for the community and from our groups each time you open up your web browser.

This sort of information can include road closures for SOP events, Council events, maintenance in the parklands of SOP and more.


Some of our community events are expensive to run. All events that have been run, as well as administration and publicity overheads, have been funded through the generous sponsorship of the local developers and local businesses. It is important that we recognise this generous sponsorship and support these businesses - without their contribution, our events will be unable to proceed.

If you are aware of any person or business who would like to sponsor an event, please contact us.

We have recently introduced functionality on the website so that businesses can advertise directly with us. This is another source of funding.

All proceeds of sponsorship and advertising are used in the delivery of events and services to the Wentworth Point community.

How does this differ from the Community Associations and Stratas?

Some people have asked us how WPCC differs from the Community Associations (CAs) and Stratas. These are different organisations with completely different purposes.

Strata Schemes

Each building (or group of buildings) is set up as a Strata Scheme. The Strata Scheme has an Executive Committee which is responsible for managing the financial and maintenance affairs of the Strata Scheme's property and assets. Typically this includes building maintenance, building gardens, pool and water feature maintenance, local by-laws etc

Community Associations

At the moment, all strata schemes within The Waterfront (as opposed to Mariners Cove) currently "roll up" into one of three Community Associations (CAs). The CAs are responsible for managing the financial and maintenance affairs of common property. This includes areas such as The Piazza, pathways, roadways, general gardens, etc.

In addition to the common property, the CAs collaborate to manage the operations of Pulse. These include the gym, indoor swimming pool and tennis courts. In the future, the "beach pool" in Messina will be part of the Pulse operations.

The strata schemes contribute to the running costs of the CAs. This is funded through owner strata levies.

The Waterfront CA covers the following strata schemes: Capri, Corfu, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Mykonos, Napoli, Paros, Positano, Portofino,Santorini, Sorrento, St Tropez (not yet built) and Valencia (which includes Cannes, Lipari, Rimini and Valencia buildings).

The Harbourside CA covers the following strata schemes: Bellagio, Catania (not yet built), Corsica (under construction), Palermo, Messina (not yet built).

The Parkside CA will cover the development on the TNT site.

Mariners Cove operates two strata schemes

Wentworth Point Community Central

WPCC is not specific to a strata scheme or a CA. We act in the interests of the entire community and have a much wider scope than the strata schemes and the CAs, as explained above.

In some cases, we may work closely with the other bodies. But this is not always the case.

More Information

If you have a question about WPCC that's not answered here, please contact us. We're also interested in your feedback and ideas!