Music in The Piazza

4th Sunday of the month, in warmer weather

In the warmer months, WPCC presents Music in The Piazza as a social event.

We generally have live music, although sometimes we use a DJ. In daylight saving, the event runs from 1:30pm to 6pm, and in other months, it's 1pm to 5pm.

Tables and chairs are provided. You just need to bring your own food, drinks and eating/drinking utensils. Many people get together as a group and share their refreshments.

People arrive throughout the day, and usually there is dancing by about 3pm. Come along and bring your dancing shoes!

Everyone is welcome to sit back and enjoy the music and have a relaxed Sunday out.

Last one for 2018:

  • 25 November (1:30 - 5:30 pm), Paul The Muso performing

Music in The Piazza is funded out of proceeds of the Friday Night BBQ and sponsor contributions.