Peninsula Park

In 2013/14, the State Government announced a number of Urban Activation Precincts (UAP) across Sydney which would be areas of high density. The RMS land at the northern end of Wentworth Point was designated as a UAP.

The number of apartments in this area was significantly increased, with the promise of improved traffic arrangements and funding for development of a Peninsula Park at the tip of WP. Refer to the map at left for the location of the park.

Throughout 2013/14, there were several consultation sessions with a Community Reference Group (CRG). During this time, concept plans for the UAP and the park were presented. The park was an exciting concept with a range of active and passive recreational areas and various landscapings. It included a foreshore path that would ultimately connect the part of WP in adjacent to Homebush Bay to the north at the ferry wharf.

Landcom advised the following in February 2020:

Stage 1 works for Wentworth Point Peninsula Park were successfully completed in the second half of 2019 and included:

    • construction of the new Ridge Road using around 75,000 tonnes of crushed sandstone, creating what looks like a large mound in the site
    • construction of a drainage layer beneath Ridge Road using around 30,000 tonnes of recycled crushed concrete
    • safe removal of underground electrical cables.

 The new Ridge Road mound now needs to compact further before Stage 2 works start. Stage 2 works involve the creation of the Wentworth Point Peninsula Park and will take around 18 months.

 Landcom thanks the community for their patience and will communicate the commencement date of the Stage 2 works when current investigations are complete.  

Since that time, there have been no developments.  We will advise updates once we hear from Landcom.

For more information about the Peninsula Park, please see: