Our White-Bellied Sea Eagles

The Newington Nature Reserve is home to a pair of White Bellied Sea Eagles. The parents can often be seen soaring over local waterways in search of food and have been seen catching silver gulls around the wrecks of Homebush Bay.  They also catch eels and fish to bring home to any eaglets which may be in the nest.

The White Bellied Sea Eagle is the second largest raptor in Australia (after the Wedge Tailed Eagle).  They are a large bird with a wing span of around 2 metres.

You can follow the progress of the eaglets  and find out more about the eagles via Birds Australia's Eaglecam. One of the Birds Australia volunteers posts photos of the sea eagles, taken mostly from Wentworth Point, here.

In 2017, one chick hatched but unfortunately died about a week later when an intruder sea-eagle invaded the nest. The intruder was fought off by both parents and died of its injuries the next day.

At the end of July 2020, two new sea eagle chicks were hatched.  Photos are below.  Click here to view live feed of the nest in Sydney Olympic Park.

We will keep you updated on the chicks' progress.